Hypoluxo Island & Manalapan
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Hypoluxo Island & Manalapan

Welcome to Hypoluxo Island & Manalapan

As a resident and neighbor of the Hypoluxo Island community, Steve understands the importance of driving value to our private oasis better than anyone. As your neighborhood expert, Steve welcomes a tennis match and a friendly chat about real estate any time!

If you want to find Manalapan, you’ll have to zoom in pretty far on Google maps. No, even farther. Actually, it’s probably easier just to tell you that this tiny, exclusive municipality takes up the bottom third of the (itself very tiny) Hypoluxo Island in Lake Worth Lagoon and a slice of the barrier island, and that the two parts are connected only by water. But water is the thing in Manalapan; it makes up more than 80 percent of the town area. Manalapan is sited as a Spanish fort might have been 400 years ago, and today it takes advantage of its natural defensive location. While the rest of South Florida grows at incredible rates, Manalapan has kept development at a minimum and has plowed tax revenue into a responsive local government, police, and fire services.

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