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Client Testimonials

Steve went above and beyond the call of duty to get my property sold. He treated me as a friend, not just a customer, and he had my back all the way, never once dropping the ball. He made my mission his own mission by scheduling countless showings and hosting weekly open house events until the property finally got sold. His attention to details was clearly evident all the way until and through the day of closing. He is an impeccable agent, and I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone. I look forward to working with Steve again in the near future!

-Peter Ghostline

Steve was fully engaged in the process from the very beginning. He has an excellent understanding of the market and was very keen on positioning and pricing the property, leading to “real” potential buyers showing interest. Every step was handled in a manner that kept our partnership efficient and profitable.

Within two months he had achieved a sale and was very professional in guiding the two parties to an amicable result. I can’t imagine a better process or outcome, and will definitely recommend Steve to anyone looking to sell or buy a property. His extensive knowledge, impressive skill set, and attention to my needs made everything as smooth as possible.

-Nigel Roberts

Trusted friend. These words sum up how I feel about Steven and my family’s relationship with him as a realtor. He is professional who came highly recommended by many neighbors in Ocean Ridge. After I contacted him, I did notice that he had many listings in the surrounding area, so I felt confident about my choice. However, after working with him, I realize he is not just an ordinary realtor.

He came to us under unhappy circumstances as my sister and I were left with the task of selling our family home of 40 years after the death of our mother. We did not want to sell, so this was an extremely emotional process for us. From day one, Steven listened to us. He sat through our tearful family stories, and he came to know about our parents and our siblings who had spent so many family vacations at our home. And, although we were sad to sell, we wanted to sell the home as quickly as possible so that we could put closure on this chapter. In a time when the market was cool, Steven priced it perfectly and sold our home under 60 days.

Steven guided us through every step of the process. He was always available for our questions (there were many), and he even offered advice on questions not related to the actual sale. He called or stopped to check in often to talk to us about our process and offered his friendship and expertise. He is just so kind and helpful that my sister and I really think of him as a friend and not just a realtor. He made a very difficult time bearable and brought in a buyer who will love our home as we did.

We miss Ocean Ridge and hope to return one day. Steven promised to help us find a place of our own and we look forward to working with him again.

-Cindy Kennell


I have to tell you that in all the years that I’ve worked with various real estate agents, I’ve never experienced working with someone with the knowledge that you bring to the table. Your method of presenting homes in describing both the positive and negative aspects are flawless. When Joey and I began our quest to find a home the conversation was, “what do you think,” it’s now “what does Steven think.”
You’re the first broker that I’ve ever met that truly cares about your clients requirements.

You are really good!!

Richard J. Fish

Steven Presson is a diligent honest and passionate person that helps clients buy and sell real estate. He is not afraid to tell his clients the facts, which in the end is very helpful.

I have been involved in over 20 transactions in the past 15 years, most of them high-end properties, and I can honestly say that Steven is in a league of his own. Palm Beach County is a tricky market. Having someone like Steven as a “Tour Guide” helps navigate a very important period in most people’s lives.

I would highly recommend that you “Stop stressin’ and call Presson.”

-Richard Fichman, MD

I am pleased to write this letter of reference for Steven Presson who has been my real estate broker for the past three years. I have found him to be a most knowledgeable realtor who caters in every way to his clients needs. He has boundless energy and his communication and social skills are excellent. You are guaranteed to experience a comfortable, competent relationship when working with STEVE as he is a true professional who thoroughly enjoys and takes pride in his work.

Best wishes,
Herb Fane

Dear, Steven

Brad has already expressed our happiness but I haven’t. Our house is Ocala closes today – yippee!!! I am so happy and it’s all because of you!!! Thank you for sticking with us and knowing that we really wanted to move even though we said “NO more”. You did stay persistent as you said you would and did find the perfect buyer. I am just sorry I ever doubted you.

We are so happy and can’t express my thanks, our thanks, enough. You can now rest easy knowing you did a fabulous job. I know we all learned from these up and down experiences and all things happen for a reason.

I am sure you feel like a weight is off your back, as we do now. Nothing but fun ahead!!!  You can have a clear conscience knowing you did something amazing in the face of many obstacles.

I wish you and your family a wonderful Holiday Season. Thank you so much Steven. This has really changed our life already. We have cried tears of joy this time!!! Thank you a million times!!!!

Laurie Fondiler

I am a developer and am always searching for new properties. I have done three transactions with Steve Presson and have been on both sides as a buyer and seller with Steve representing me. I met Steve a number of years ago from a listing he had for a home. I did not end up purchasing that home or a number of other properties that I saw with him over the next few years only because they were not the right fit for me. The great thing was that Steve never got frustrated or stopped talking to me when I would call on properties over the next years. Steve always talked to me or showed me the property. One day the right property showed up and Steve was there for me. He was always honest with me and made me feel at ease during the transaction. When it came time to sell the developed property Steve was the natural fit as the realtor. He was there every step of the way all the way through the sale. The main quality I want to express about Steve is that he never tried to pressure me or sell me on a property. He was always there to help me in the transactions and always looking for properties that will fit my needs. When issues arise in transactions, as they always do, Steve has always been there for me day and night. This is a quality not everyone has. As a builder, I know it is not always fun answering your phone on the weekend or evening to help put a customer’s mind at ease. I would like to say that Steve has become a friend of mine. This is the greatest recommendation I can give about Steve Presson. I always feel when the business is complete and you gain a friendship there is nothing better and it is always something I strive for with my customers and am proudest of.

Stephen Varga
Varga Homes Inc.

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the listing and sale of my home.  As a long-time resident of the Ocean Ridge area, I’m very familiar with a number of real estate agents, and there were many who wanted to represent me.

My decision to work with you was based on several points that I felt were important.  Your reputation for maintaining the highest ethical standards in business, your personal integrity and your exceptional work ethic were the key factors in my selecting you as my agent.

You represented me and presented my property in the best possible light. During negotiations, when the complexities of the sale and challenges presented by the parties would have overwhelmed most realtors, you went the extra mile, to understand the viewpoints and personalities involved. Your efforts kept everyone focused and everything on track throughout the entire contract process and through the closing.

You helped make a challenging situation relatively stress free, and your professional approach and attention to detail proved that I had made the best possible choice.

I’m grateful to you for everything you’ve done. I want you to know that I will gladly recommend you to others who want only the best, most professional realtor to help them with the sale of their upscale properties.

Real Estate testimonial from Tom Malcome

As a broker, realtor and investor locally and out of state, I understand the importance of choosing the best professionals with whom to work, particularly as an absentee seller.

When I made the decision to sell my investment property in the Palm Beach area, I wanted to work with someone I could trust to handle the listing and sale, and someone who would demonstrate the highest levels of honesty, integrity and ethics, particularly in a difficult business environment.

Steven Presson was recommended to me by a friend in south Florida, and after several telephone conversations, I listed my property with him.  It turned out to be a wonderful experience working with Steven.

Not unexpectedly, the sale of a condo took almost 18-months, and during that time, Steven consistently provided me with excellent counsel on market conditions as well as input and competitive analyses to help me adjust my pricing to the changing conditions of the Florida market.

Steven’s work ethic, integrity and consistent honesty were clearly evident throughout the entire time we worked together.  There were several offers made that didn’t close, but ultimately, due to his hard work, we were able to conclude the transaction and close the sale to my total satisfaction.

As a realtor, I heartily endorse Steven, and give him the highest of references as a trustworthy businessman and realtor.  I’m happy, when the opportunity presents itself to do so, to refer him to other Florida investors whom I know because I’ve found him to be extremely reliable.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any further questions regarding this letter of recommendation.

Real Estate testimonial from Jean Wagner

Real Estate testimonial from Steve & Judy Miller

We want to personally thank Steven for his assistance in selling our home. After having listed our home with another broker for over a year, he was referred to us by a trusted friend, and from the beginning we saw the difference he made in the marketing of our home.

Steven’s approach took a great deal of stress off our shoulders, and he not only performed well, but exceeded our expectations.  His professionalism, energy, attention to detail and follow-up made us certain that we were in the best hands possible.

Steven proved that we made the right choice, when after only 120-days you sold our home at the agreed upon price.  We can’t thank him enough for everything he has done, and are delighted to recommend him to our friends and anyone who is looking for the best in real estate sales of upscale properties.

– Real Estate testimonial from Steve & Judy Miller