Cerabino: And on the northern border, New Yorkers seeking asylum in Florida

The U.S. Census Bureau’s data revealed this week that Florida is being inundated with New Yorkers. I’m not sure why this qualifies as news. In a one-year period ending in July, the Census reported that 63,722 New Yorkers moved to Florida. More New York

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Steve went above and beyond the call of duty to get my property sold. He treated me as a friend, not just a customer, and he had my…

Steve was fully engaged in the process from the very beginning. He has an excellent understanding of the market and was very keen on positioning and pricing the…

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Steven’s approach isn’t magic, he simply works longer, harder and smarter than his competition, and he achieves results. This year, his listings and current sales are currently on pace to exceed his previous year’s results.

Steven’s achievements start with his commitment to success and excellence. He understands the importance of listening.