Real Estate Testimonials – Tom Malcome

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful job you did with the listing and sale of my home.  As a long-time resident of the Ocean Ridge area, I’m very familiar with a number of real estate agents, and there were many who wanted to represent me.

My decision to work with you was based on several points that I felt were important.  Your reputation for maintaining the highest ethical standards in business, your personal integrity and your exceptional work ethic were the key factors in my selecting you as my agent.

You represented me and presented my property in the best possible light. During negotiations, when the complexities of the sale and challenges presented by the parties would have overwhelmed most realtors, you went the extra mile, to understand the viewpoints and personalities involved. Your efforts kept everyone focused and everything on track throughout the entire contract process and through the closing.

You helped make a challenging situation relatively stress free, and your professional approach and attention to detail proved that I had made the best possible choice.

I’m grateful to you for everything you’ve done. I want you to know that I will gladly recommend you to others who want only the best, most professional realtor to help them with the sale of their upscale properties.

Real Estate testimonial from Tom Malcome